Fairfax County Health Department
Digital Storytelling Workshop
AVAdventure Productions Work Samples

Williamsburg Health Foundation

Each year, the Williamsburg Health Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions to access to and awareness of healthful lifestyles in the community. Since 2013, AVA has been hired annually to create a video telling the awardees’ stories – highlighting their impact through personal stories of healthy living from community members.

Family Nutrition Program

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) offers numerous programs in communities to promote a healthy diet and regular exercise. AVA collaborated with VCE to create a video featuring individuals telling the story of their personal health struggles and how making positive changes to their lifestyles increased their quality of life.


Office of Comprehensive Services, Richmond VA

The Office of Comprehensive Services (OCS) wanted to create a video featuring success stories from past clients to show at their annual staff retreat. AVA worked with OCS to outline how each story would be told. Creating a safe space for individuals was key because their stories were about periods of extreme difficulty in their lives – abuse, mental illness, losing family members. Because the content is so sensitive, OCS asked that we not share it to respect the featured individuals’ privacy.