Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC) – QQ220617
AVAdventure Productions Work Samples

College of William & Mary – Honors Fellowship Program

The Charles Center requested a video that would highlight three recent graduates of their scholarship program. The focus was on telling each individual’s story and how their scholarship influenced their career choices after graduating.

Williamsburg Health Foundation

Each year, the Williamsburg Health Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions to access to and awareness of healthful lifestyles in the community. Since 2013, AVA has been hired annually to create a video telling the awardees’ stories – highlighting their impact through personal stories of healthy living from community members.


Monticello Teacher Institute

AVA was hired to produce a series of short films highlighting the educational resources and teacher training opportunities offered by Monticello. These videos were made for the target audience of potential donors and potential program applicants.